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    Professor Zhao Yijun, our cooperative professor, was elected as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural SciencesThe Russian Academy of Natural Sciences is the largest Russian Academy o

    2022-11-29 李芳芳

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    SiC membrane Filtering river water for drinking water project in Zhejiang Province,capacity-- 5CBM/hour,with dead end filtration system ,50% energy-saving.For more info ,please contact :liff@hbwanan.c

    2020-05-19 QuX

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    On Sep 29th, 2019, Wanan Group celebrated its 15th anniversary. The 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Wanan Group, the lower row is more dazzling ; hand in hand for fifteen years, Wanan we

    2020-04-01 李芳芳

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    On March 15th ,a face familiar to Wan’an people appeared on the CCTV News Broadcast on that evening. He is Wanan company, Director-General of COVID-19 Outbreak Fighting project .The team was busy wit

    2020-03-26 李芳芳

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